January 13, 2017

They say a picture says 1,000 words. When Medaxion Customer Yasser Dahab, MD USAP Colorado, who serves his organization as a Clinical Governance Board Member, opened up his presentation titled Advance with Hospital Administration with the image above we knew that we were in for a good story.

The dramatic visual preceded an emotional story describing the state of relations between a hospital and local physician practice.  All relationships are susceptible to tension, it’s how partners work together through challenges that really matters. This is especially true in today’s healthcare.  Hospitals and surgery centers are under extreme pressure to demonstrate performance and care improvements across a variety of criteria and they count on physician leadership and guidance.

Create a game plan, open the lines of communication and agree on goals with administration. Implement an effective use of information technology to help identify opportunities and manage change. Anesthesia is uniquely positioned to influence new standards of care for patients. Physician groups seeking to advance with hospital administrations will look to find leverage in tools and processes that help manage priorities and streamline communications.

What are the tools and process improvements you will use with hospital administration to advance this year?

Watch below, for Dahab’s top three take aways to help advance with your hospital administration.

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