December 19, 2016

Advance anesthesia through accessible technology that maximizes provider value.

This is our founding mission and continues to drive our business today as we develop new solutions.

We’re leaning into the new year – with excitement as we work around the clock to solve some of the most complex challenges in healthcare. Reimbursement rates, contract longevity, staff retention, regulatory compliance, standards of care and profitability are forcing change in the way practices are managed. Market consolidation is happening, new business models are evolving to push the concept of scale and hospitals are demanding more leadership from providers. We believe information technology used effectively is THE differentiator.

As the industry demands a more thoughtful approach to prioritizing quality and technology, we’ve decided to expand our communication efforts through our blog. Once a week, you can expect us to share our point of view on topics such as practice leadership, data-driven quality improvement, value creation and information technology. Along the way, we’ll be sure to highlight customer successes, thought leadership programs and new product releases.

Thank you for reading. 

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