February 06, 2017

Last month, we introduced our blog and shared our mission statement.

Advance anesthesia through accessible technology that maximizes provider value.

What does it mean to maximize provider value? What is considered valuable within anesthesia? These are important questions and the answers will span a series of blog posts because there are so many variables.

First, your practice must identify what is valued. The process of defining value takes leadership and time. It also requires collaboration with hospital and surgery center partners. What questions are asked during staff meetings? How can your group contribute toward finding the answers?

Some estimate as many as 50 percent of anesthesia practices can’t access their data. Some of this is because it’s stuck on paper, which isn’t accessible, efficient, or actionable.

Remember life before smartphones? Information technology was stationary. Think back to your first smartphone, mine was a BlackBerry. A cord, a few clicks and a sync provided me with access to important people, information, and context from the palm of my hand. The value was immediate.

Today, physicians who use mobile solutions have the ability to easily capture patient information electronically from anywhere – an OR, a cath lab or a surgery center across town. Further, they have access to information immediately. Examples include: on-time starts for the day or the last six months, by facility, by OR, by provider; case cancellations; concurrent case management. These are some topline game changers that are a standard part of going electronic.

Customer Case Study

John Dalton, MD, Chief Quality Officer for PhyMed, used Medaxion to run a report on the use of one medication for a three-month period at one facility. Outcomes included better-quality patient care and health of the surgical population, reduced costs, and improved provider experience. Watch his story here. Would this be valuable to your hospital?

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