OR decisions cannot wait on cumbersome IT.

Capturing comprehensive, accurate information is challenging with previous generation technology. Information gaps lead to performance inefficiency and revenue loss that’s hard to see and quantify.

See what’s actually happening in your ORs and enhance productivity through your organization.

Medaxion solutions deliver comprehensive, accurate case and drug data directly to your teams: clinical, revenue cycle management, pharmacy, and executive. As information moves from the OR, we surface activity and provide rich performance analysis.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Close information gaps and identify revenue you never knew you were losing. Simplify OR case and drug data capture – all via a single platform.

What we deliver:

  • Medaxion complete and accuratee

    Comprehensive, Accurate OR Data

  • powerful analytics from Medaxion

    Powerful, Real-time Analytics

  • Medaxion Increased Revenue

    Increased Revenue

Anesthesia Practices

Capture significant additional revenue, improve billing, streamline communications, and drive clinical efficiencies.

What we deliver:

  • Medaxion complete and accuratee

    Intuitive, Anesthesia-specific Tools

  • Configurable and flexible Medaxion

    Configurable, Flexible Information Platform

  • Real time visualizations Medaxion

    Real-time Performance Intelligence

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