Medaxion provides advanced information tools for use in the operating room. Our accessible, easy-to-use solutions improve financial performance, enhance quality and optimize clinical teams.


Mobile, flexible and powerfully data rich, Medaxion Pulse electronic health record promotes efficiency, standardization and quality.

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Medaxion delivers real-time access to anesthesia drug administration data, boosting productivity, diversion control and compliance.

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Tailored for the OR.

Cookie-cutter IT solutions fail to meet the unique challenges of the OR. Medaxion’s solutions allow for custom data collection, documentation, alerting and workflow requirements to meet your specific clinical environment. If your needs change, Medaxion changes.

Real-time intelligence. Real-time insight.

All of your data is now accessible. Intuitive dashboards and visualization capabilities drive information to the point of decision when needed. Always know what’s happening in your facility, across town and enterprise-wide.

Redefining the mobile            information experience.

Medaxion Pulse is the EHR anesthesiologists actually like to use. With a focus on user simplicity, our platform includes mobile device software, browser-based interfaces and extensive data management components. Providers can be trained in minutes – creating superusers on day one.

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Start worry-free.

Medaxion makes technology transitions seamless, minimizing your risk. Our team guides you with proven experience in deployments, vast data integrations and straightforward training – all placing you on a direct path to an overwhelming ROI.

We work where you work.

Medaxion adapts to the unique needs for each facility while reinforcing standardized workflows. Proven in hundreds of hospitals and surgery centers, Medaxion integrates with facility EHRs and serves as the reference perioperative information resource.

Bridge the gap between        Pharmacy and Anesthesia.

Receive accurate and complete anesthesia drug administration data directly from the OR. By engaging anesthesia teams, pharmacy can standardize process compliance, automate repetitive processes and improve financial performance.  

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