Bridge Pharmacy and Anesthesia

Medaxion Advance Pharmacy delivers intraoperative anesthesia data and reports directly to pharmacy teams. Without workflow disruptions, providers completely document and manage each patient’s current and dispensed medications. Pharmacy receives instant, actionable information from the OR, boosting productivity and reducing manual processes.

Improve Inventory Tracking

Pharmacy can view and manage detailed drug and supply use by a range of parameters including surgical case, OR, NDC codes, anesthesia provider and time. Dashboards can be viewed on-demand or delivered via email on a scheduled basis to understand and manage inventory levels and reconciliation.

Barcode Accuracy in the OR

Barcode drug identification is the gold standard for accuracy, but compliance is difficult in many OR environments. Medaxion integrates drug scanning into the easiest to use anesthesia EHR. Incredibly fast scanning using the device camera automates anesthesia documentation. Fewer steps encourage compliance.

Complete Cost Capture

Discrete NDC reporting meets payor / regulatory requirements and facilitates participation in cost control programs. Drug and fluid scans are matched against administration data to create a complete cost and charge record for each case.

Enhance Diversion Control Measures

Because teams now receive instant, accurate anesthesia provider drug usage and trend reports, Advance Pharmacy aids efforts regarding diversion of controlled substances. Risk management and auditing become more uniform and consistent, bringing even greater vigilance to established processes.

Regain Lost Revenue

For those cases where drugs and supplies can be billed, accurate data drives capture of previously lost revenue. Existing drug cart systems do not capture the specific NDC for each drug vial used, which is required for billing drugs.

Medication Reconciliation Made Easy

Anesthesia providers record drugs and supplies directly into the system at the point of care – providing real time medication reconciliation. Time-consuming use of separate systems leads to inaccurate/ missing drug and supply data, non-compliance and risks to patient safety. Medaxion centralizes the process.

Easy Implementation & No Hardware Investment

All Medaxion’s solutions are mobile-device and SaaS-centric, making implementation straightforward with minimal training needs for anesthesia and pharmacy. No additional hardware investments are required as all barcode functions are performed on the same iPad housing the anesthesia information system.