Comprehensive Anesthesia Record

Medaxion Pulse was specifically designed to meet the challenges of anesthesia EHR documentation and communication. This complete solution merges inputs from individual providers into a practice-wide intelligence resource.

Intuitive Touch Charting

Clinical data is entered in to our electronic medical records software using an intuitive process that follows the workflow of each anesthesia case. No forms, handwriting, stylus, keyboards, syncing, or hassles.

Broadcast Case Status

Data entered by practitioners in to the electronic medical records software is immediately shared with the clinical team and administrative staff, providing the ability for real-time resource adjustments. Status points include event times, case providers, vital signs chart, procedures, and patient history.

Integrated Quality Metrics

Clinical and performance data is combined to generate automated quality improvement reports. Quality measures can include such events as antibiotic administration, surgery start, patient arrival, and patient ready.

Event-Triggered Text Alerting

Anesthesia events and case status data can trigger delivery of detailed text/SMS alerts to relevant team members. Alerts can include key case events, role handoffs, incomplete case record warnings, conflicting schedule data warnings, and fax printing errors.

Aggregated Case Data Mining

Granular electronic case data creates rich reporting capabilities. In addition to clinical reporting, management reports can include billable hours by provider, procedures by provider, and operating room utilization.


Maximized Financial Performance

Medaxion Pulse anesthesia EHR system enables revenue improvement and savings in administrative and clinical staffing. Key impact areas include revenue capture, clinical staff efficiency, billing staff efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Team Coordination Dashboards

Web-based dashboards provide practice management with the tools to analyze practice performance and maximize manpower allocation. Examples include day billable time provider bar chart, practice-wide active provider graph, scheduled case bar chart, and case board heads-up display.

Seamless Charge Capture

Billable activity is stored in the cloud and shared with both clinical and administrative staff as case activity is entered into the mobile device. This information is delivered directly to your billing system. Benefits include same-day case review, immediate error resolution, detailed audit logs, perfect legibility, and complete documentation.

Point-of-Care Coding Tools

Rapid coding tools make the process easier for electronic medical records and reduce resistance to provider coding. Methods include category search, free text search, user favorites, and surgeon/suggested codes.

Certified EHR

The Medaxion Pulse anesthesia platform is ONC 2015 Edition certified, enabling MIPS QPP participation with full eligibility for end-to-end electronic reporting bonuses.

Performance Compensation Calculation

Automated calculation of performance measures allows providers to see their compensation in real time. In addition to anesthesia EHR case data, compensation factors can include: on-call shifts, weekend/ holiday activity, in-house/ ER procedures, management meetings, and customized measures.


Quality Dashboards

Our quality dashboards include such measures as antibiotic administration, surgery start, patient arrival and patient ready, helping you generate accurate quality improvement reports.

Intuitive Configuration

Data entry in to our information management system intuitively follows the workflow of each anesthesia case, simplifying the process and enhancing ease of use.

PQRS and QCDR Codes

Specifically created to accommodate changes in quality reporting requirements, so the data you collect and report stays up-to-date.

AQI/NACOR Reporting

Medaxion streamlines the process of submitting quality data to the Anesthesia Quality Institute and the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry, supporting your providers’ participation in MIPS.

iPhone and iPad Based

Designed for iPhone and iPad, Medaxion’s touch-screen technology eliminates the need for paper, pens, and styluses and it updates automatically – no syncing required.

Post-Op Outcomes

Medaxion allows collection of post-op quality outcomes and interfaces directly with outcome survey vendors, saving steps and time.