Quality Dashboards

Our quality dashboards in our anesthesia EMR software include such measures as antibiotic administration, surgery start, patient arrival, and patient ready, to help you generate accurate quality improvement reports.

Intuitive Configuration

Data entry in to our information management system intuitively follows the workflow of each anesthesia case, simplifying the process and enhancing ease of use.

iPhone and iPad Based

Designed for iPhone and iPad, Medaxion Q’s touch-screen technology eliminates the need for paper, pens, and styluses and it updates automatically – no syncing required.

AQI/NACOR Reporting

Anesthesia EMR Software streamlines the process of submitting quality data to the Anesthesia Quality Institute and the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry.

PQRS and QCDR Codes

Specifically created to accommodate changes in quality reporting requirements, so the data you collect and report stays up-to-date.

Post-Op Outcomes

Medaxion Q EMR software allows collection of post-op quality outcomes and interfaces directly with outcome survey vendors, saving steps and time.